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descaling cast iron


Descaling Cast Iron

Easy Rooter Plumbing & Drain Cleaning uses the latest technology and advanced tools to bring our customers the perfect method for cleaning drain lines.

We know that sometimes professional snaking, and even hydro jetting, is not enough to properly restore drain pipes and improve flow of wastewater. We are proud to offer Picote descaling capabilities for our residential and commercial customers.

What is Picote Descaling?

Where snaking and hydro jetting can effectively clear a drain from normal blockages, roots, and even years of grease and sludge buildup, properly descaling the pipe can clear away concrete, metal, and more while creating a smooth interior. It can be used on its own to clean badly blocked cast iron, as well as in conjunction with hydro jetting, or prior to epoxy pipelining.

Picote mechanical tools are fast, effective, and exclusive. We are proud to have the training necessary to bring you a solution for the worst damage in your drains. It can be used on smaller drains as well, which makes it highly efficient at cleaning heavily damaged kitchen or tub drains. Before, the only option was hydro jetting, which is effective, but can leave tough scale behind.

Versatile Performance, Fast, Safe, Efficient Drain Cleaning and Descaling In Riverside and the Inland Empire

With our advanced method of descaling and cleaning drain lines, we are able to ensure that pipes are returned to a new condition without damage, replacement, and for an affordable cost. The unique designs of the different cleaning tools offered safely cleans plastic drain piping and even drain lines with small holes. This allows our drain specialists to restore flow for our customers in emergency situations without having to replace a drain pipe.

Descaling Cast Iron

Picote descaling can remove concrete in drain lines by grinding it with mechanical tools. Concrete in new home construction is often a common occurrence. Contractors and home remodelers do not always protect drain lines and damaging materials can enter the line causing clogs. Easy Rooter Plumbing & Drain Cleaning can help.

Descaling removes blockages, grease, hard scale, and can even smooth out the pipe from scenarios, such as:

  • Removing of hard deposits, lime, scale, and encrusted pipes
  • Cutting tree roots
  • Eliminating internal pipe welds
  • Grinding of intrusions such as metal or steel
  • Polishing internal metal pipes to improve flow and prepare for pipelining
  • Removing of grout, concrete, slurry, and large rocks
  • Grinding offsets in clay and concrete pipes

Drain Cleaning and Descaling Specialists

We built our company with a goal to educate our customers and our plumbers. We never stop learning or bringing new and advanced technology to the plumbing and drain cleaning industry. With a commitment to provide a uniquely tailored solution to each customer, we are proud to offer multiple ways to clear your drains form minor and major blockages.

As premiere descaling specialists in Riverside and the Inland Empire, Easy Rooter Plumbing & Drain Cleaning has experience and skill at all drain problems. We will assess your concerns, the property, and the drain lines to find the best solution for you, your property, and your budget.

For expert drain advice, immediate service, or to learn more about how our advanced technology can help you, call our team today.


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