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Easy Rooter Plumbing and Drain Cleaning 60 Point Plumbing Inspection – Beaumont & The Desert Cities of California

For more than 15 years, Easy Rooter Plumbing & Drain Cleaning has been providing high quality plumbing and drain cleaning in Redlands and throughout the desert cities of California. We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service, customer education, and helping homeowners avoid emergency plumbing repairs while saving money.

As part of our commitment to our customers, we have developed a truly unique 60 point plumbing inspection. Redlands and the desert cities of California residents can rest assured that with an annual inspection, our team can identify potential issues and provide affordable solutions.

Our 60 point plumbing inspection will assess all visible areas of your plumbing and leave you with a detailed action plan and peace of mind.

Read more to learn about some of the items we thoroughly check during our 60 point plumbing inspection.


Performing routine maintenance in your bathroom can help you to avoid plumbing leaks, overflows, and water damage. We will assess all areas of the bathrooms in your home to ensure they are in top condition. Some of our inspection services include:

Toilet Dye Test – Tests for leaks inside of the toilet tank.

Toilet Secure to Floor – Rocking toilets can lead to leaks at the base and breaks in the toilet.

Toilet Shut Off Valve & Supply Line – We recommend changing shut off valves and water supply lines every 5-7 years. Old and corroded valves can burst causing major floods.

Lavatory Faucet – Loose faucets and small drips can waste water and lead to larger problems.

Lavatory Drain and Popup – A pop up assembly will keep items from falling into the line and ensure your drain does not get blocked.

Lavatory Drain Flow – Keep soap scum at bay and always have a clear flow in your lavatory sink drain.

Tub Faucet & Spout – Old and leaking tub faucets and spouts can lead to broken fixtures and water damage.


There are many plumbing aspects that can go wrong in the kitchen. Our team will assess the faucet, disposal, drain piping, and drain flow. We can even help with professional tips for home plumbing in Redlands and Banning to keep all items in working order to avoid costly repairs. Some of our inspection services include:

Emergency Shut Off Valves – Just like bathroom shut off valves, these should be inspected regularly and replaced to avoid bursts and floods.

Sink Drain – Heavy grease buildup can cause foul smelling drains and overflows.

Garbage Disposal – We will help with tips to keep the disposal in good condition, and teach homeowners what should, and what should not, go into the disposal.

Dishwasher Connections – Leaking dishwasher connections can go undetected for long periods of time causing structural damage and mold growth.

Ice Maker Line – Clogged or corroded lines can lead to leaks. Ice maker lines should be inspected annually.


In laundry areas of the home, there are many aspects of plumbing, including pressurized water systems, gas and water shut off valves, and drains that should be routinely inspected. Our team will perform safety inspections and check for optimal working condition on services, including: 

Washing Machine Hoses – Water inlet service can become corroded and eventually lead to leaks and water damage.

Drain Flow – Slow drains are caused by excess product buildup, and should be professionally maintained.

Dryer Vent – Clogged dryer vents can lead to fires and should be cleaned on an annual basis.

Plumbing Checklist

Water Heaters

We will ensure your water heater is working at its optimal level, has no signs of leaks or corrosion, is properly earthquake strapped and up to plumbing code, and all safety operations are in place, including:

Emergency Shut Off – In the event of an earthquake, all natural gas water heaters should have an emergency shut off valve.
Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve – The T & P valve helps keep excessive pressure from causing bursts and floods.
Safety Straps – All water heaters are required to have the proper earthquake safety traps installed to specific code.
Venting – We will ensure you natural gas water heater venting is in tact and not leaking dangerous gas fumes.

Common Areas

On the interior and exterior of the home, there are many pressurized water lines, connections, fixtures, and exterior sewer line cleanouts that can cause trouble if not properly maintained. We will inspect  all common plumbing and provide detailed recommendations and assessments. Some of our inspection services include:

Main Water Shut Off Valve – Our team will inspect the main water shut off for leaks and show homeowners how to turn the water off in the event of an emergency.

Water Pressure – Excessive water pressure is one of the leading causes of leaking plumbing fixtures and wearing down of water pipes. Checking the pressure and recommending a pressure regulator valve (PRV), or replacement of a non functioning PRV, is part of our 60 point plumbing inspection.

Hose Bibbs – Leaky hose bibbs can waste thousands of gallons of water per year.

Water Test – Our team can provide a water test to evaluate the water quality in your home. Water filtration can remove harmful elements such as chlorine and organic particles.

Cleanouts – Every home should have a proper cleanout to help with main sewer line snaking, hydro jetting and sewer camera inspections. We will inspect the property and locate buried cleanouts, or ensure yours is in working order.

Roof Vents – We will locate and inspect roof vents for easy access to future drain maintenance.

We offer free estimates for our 60 Point Plumbing inspection in Banning and the desert cities of California. To learn more or schedule, call 888-523-1543 today!


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