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The Best Slab Leak Repair Services Begin With Easy Rooter

Slab leaks are an unfortunate part of homeownership that plague homes throughout the Inland Empire and Palm Springs. Whether you have a ranch-style home in Yucca Valley, a vacation property in Palm Springs, a home in Cabazon, or a property in Fontana, all of the Inland Empire experienced a fair number of slab leaks because Riverside County has a fair share of structures built on unstable soils. Older homes are also prime candidates for having slab leaks. Slab construction became popular during the post-WWII “baby boomers” generation because it was an inexpensive and fast way to build during a time when residential construction was in high demand. These homes were built on slabs of concrete, but over time shifting soils can create pressure that causes plumbing lines beneath the slabs to break, and these are very difficult to reach and if the problem isn’t addressed in a timely manner, you can face some foundation flooding issues and extensive water damage. It is critical to call an Inland Empire plumber specializing in the best slab leak repair options that has a solid reputation and ample experience in slab leak repairs. 

Easy Rooter is a family-owned and operated full-service plumbing company that specializes in slab leak repairs with more than a decade of experience serving residents throughout the Inland Empire, including desert communities. If you have a slab leak, call Easy Rooter for fast, professional service from the best plumbing experts in the IE.

What is a Slab Leak?

A slab leak is a plumbing leak that occurs in the pipes beneath the home’s concrete foundation. Usually, these pipes are made from copper and in some rare cases, the pipes can be made from clay, which usually has a lifespan of 80 years. A slab leak is a serious problem to have because it can compromise the entire structural integrity of your home, and it can lead to extensive water damage that can be extremely expensive to repair. However, if you detect the slab leak in its early stages and call Easy Rooter without delay, we can inspect the extent of the damage, make the necessary repairs, and ensure that your home is safe from facing a catastrophic water damage disaster. 

What Causes A Slab Leak?

There are a number of causes for slab leaks, and sometimes the causes are stacked with multiple factors. Some of the most common causes of slab leaks fixed by Easy Rooter include the following:

  • Mother Nature / Earthquakes – Most people in Southern California live within 10 miles of a fault line that can cause extensive damage when there is an earthquake, and the infamous San Andreas fault lines runs through the Inland Empire. When earthquakes occur, they weaken the soil and can cause the ground under your home to shift. In some cases this can happen at the onset of an earthquake, or it can happen over time as a result of a past earthquake. When the ground shifts from seismic activity, a flab leak can result. 
  • Water Corrosion – Your pipes can corrode when your water is extremely hard, or very soft. Pithole can form, and over time that can lead to slab leaks. 
  • Old Pipes – A high percentage of slab leaks in older homes occur because the plumbing was never updated. Pipes have a life expectancy and can wear down like most other things. If you have a slab leak caused by pipes that are failing, Easy Rooter can repipe your home with new materials that will last a lifetime.
  • Poor Construction – Unfortunately, many homes were built incorrectly, even newer ones. Only a licensed home builder, contractor, and plumber should work together to build the foundation of a house. This is why it is critical to have a home inspection before you buy a house, as you never know if the foundation is poor and will cause a slab leak.
  • Friction – In some cases the pipes can rub against the concrete slab causing leaks to occur. As hot water runs through pipes, they expand and contract with the change from cold to hot, and vice versa. 

Regardless of the cause for your slab leak, Easy Rooter can quickly respond, examine the situation, and immediately report back to you with the details of the problem and set to work right away to make the needed repairs while performing water extraction (if required).

Causes of Slab Leaks can Include Plumbing Materials

We know that slab leaks occur when there is some form of failure in your home’s plumbing system. We already examined that weak water lines, water hardness or softness, and faulty construction / inspections can enable slab leaks, but let’s take a closer look at slab leaks caused by specific plumbing materials. In some cases, the materials are the main problem that create a slab leak, and what they are made of, their age / condition, and the quality of the installation can impact the likeness of a slab leak. Here are some of the common materials slab leak repair plumbers in the Inland Empire run into:

  • Galvanized Steel – plumbing pipes made from galvanized steel were commonly used in homes built in the 1950s. One benefit of galvanized steel is that it’s strong. However, it is known to easily corrode. Galvanized pipes are also known for clogging more easily because the coating inside the pipes has a limited lifespan that wears away and this leaves them vulnerable to the pangs of mineral buildup and rust that will eventually lead to clogged lines that minerals and waste passes through. The average lifespan of galvanized pipes is 50 years, so if you have one of those stunning mid-century modern ranch-style homes the Inland Empire is known for, and you still have the original plumbing, your pipes have already passed that expiration and you should definitely call Easy Rooter for an inspection. 
  • Cast Iron Pipes – These pipes can corrode over time and cause clogs, as well as jeopardize the pipe’s structural integrity. Much like galvanized steel, they share the same downsides, but are also known for being strong materials.
  • PVC Pipes – These white, plastic pipes are usually used for waste lines and became popular because they are lightweight and easier to work with than galvanized steel pipes. They are also more inexpensive and though fairly durable, they can be punctured under the right conditions. Furthermore, PVC pipes cna make sounds because they vibrate more than metal pipes. 
  • Copper Pipes – Rigid copper pipes remain a popular option in today’s construction landscape, and are especially popular for hot and cold water lines. Copper is flexible, durable, and corrosion-resistant, and copper pipes should have thicker walls if they are going to be run through the slab. With this in mind, installation must be flawless or the homeowner could eventually deal with a slab leak. If these pipes receive a dent, they can wear thin and eventually leak by creating a small hole. 
  • ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) – These black pipes were the first plastic pipes to ever be used in residential plumbing systems. One of the biggest drawbacks is that keeping ABS joints together can be challenging, and expert installations are required. A failed joint beneath the slab will result in a slab leak, and for this reason several municipalities don’t allow the pipes to be used in new construction.
  • PEX – PEX (Cross-linked Polyethylene) is the latest type of plumbing known for being affordable, having high resistance to extreme hot and cold temperatures, and for being highly flexible. PEX is known for performing well after the material’s warranty so long as the installation is done correctly. Today, most home builders will either use PEX or copper plumbing lines. The most common problems associated with PEX plumbing lines that can lead to slab leaks are when they are not installed correctly and get bent beyond their limit, defective manufacturing issues, or expansion fitting problems.

As you can see, all plumbing line materials have their pros and cons. Ultimately, a slab leak can occur regardless of material type, and Easy Rooter Plumbing in Banning serving the Inland Empire and dessert communities are trained to repair any of these materials, or even repipe the system, if required, using a superior plumbing line material that’s better suited for your home. . 

How Serious is a Slab Leak?

Slab leaks are critical and one of the more serious problems that can plague one’s home. If a slab leak is neglected, the leak can lead to a number of costly problems that include foundation cracks, mold infestations, severe water damage, uneven floors, high water bills, bad odors, cracks in the walls, and an ignored slab leak can eventually cause your home to shift and sink. It is extremely important to call Easy Rooter slab leak repair experts right away so we can stop the threat from spreading, repair the damage, and perform any work necessary to keep your home and family safe. 

It is ideal to schedule regular plumbing maintenance once a year to ensure your lines are in great condition with no leaks, and no problems that could eventually result in a failure. 

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