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Water Filtration Installation in Banning, Beaumont, and Palm Springs, Ca


Water Filtration Systems

Easy Rooter Plumbing & Drain Cleaning is committed to providing education for homeowners, as well as professional plumbing and drain services. As plumbers, we are aware of what is in tap water and want to help you get the highest quality water for your home with water filtration in Banning to Palm Desert California.  

Do You Know What is in Your Home’s Water Supply?

Water supply to Banning and Palm Desert comes from 3 major sources: precipitation, the Colorado River, and the State Water Project. The  majority of water is imported, traveling roughly  200 miles before being delivered to your home.

While the water is deemed safe by the EPA and Safe Water Drinking Act, it is only possible after going through several cleaning and disinfection processes. This can leave water with foul odors and poor taste, as well as contaminants such as chloramines.  

The source of water coming into the county is contaminated with microbial elements , bacteria, ground contamination and chemicals from pesticides and other inorganic elements. It goes through a cleaning process to make it potable and safe to drink, including disinfection with chlorine.

Whole Home Water Filtration Solutions

Homeowners are not stuck with the water being delivered to their home. With water filtration systems, harmful remnants from chlorination, sediment, and other contaminants are eliminated leaving fresh, clean, pure tasting water for drinking and from every tap in the home.

With a professional whole home water filtration, the entire water supply is filtered using activated carbon. It is the most effective method for removing contaminants and odor from water. Whole home water filtration removes contaminants through a tank system that purifies water form the city supply before it enters into the home.

It is ideal for customers who want to have peace of mind that the water they use for drinking and cooking, as well as bathing and skin care, is free from any possible elements that could be harmful.

We will perform an analysis of your water so you know its quality and provide a detailed estimate of each system and the installation process. They require little to no maintenance and work automatically to bring you the best tasting and best quality water throughout the entire home.

We Recommend:

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Drinking Water Filtration Systems

Drinking Water Filtration Systems

If you are looking for a simple solution and want to get rid of
bottled water use, consider a point of use reverse osmosis (R/O)

Originally used to desalinate water, R/O systems have become
popular additions to many residential kitchens to remove
contaminants, and even lead, from drinking water.
Benefits of Reverse Osmosis (R/O) Water Filtration include:

Remove bacteria and viruses
Eliminate chloride, copper and lead
Directly filter water at the source
Convenient installation
Instantly filter drinking water
Low maintenance

R/O drinking water systems use a multi-stage filtration process
including activated carbon, purification, and a membrane filter that
can remove even the smallest contaminant particles. It will purify
water and remove bacteria, viruses, copper, chloride, and lead.
For fresh, clean, pure, and safe water for drinking and/or bathing,
call the team at Easy Rooter Plumbing & Drain Cleaning. We
specialize in water treatment to deliver great water to your home
year round.

Our water filtration experts in Banning to Palm Desert California are
available for a water quality assessment and to provide an upfront
cost for installation.

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