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Gas Leak Detection, Repair and New Installations in Riverside and the Inland Empire

Gas leaks are dangerous and should be addressed at the first sign of a problem. Easy Rooter Plumbing & Drain Cleaning is licensed, trained, and certified in all gas repair and installation services.

If you do suspect a leak, immediately leave the home with your family and pets. Be careful not to use electricity, and even phone lines, as it can create a spark. Once outside of the home, contact our team for a professional gas leak assessment and safe repair.

Home and business owners can also contact the local utility company. If they detect a major leak, they could potentially turn off all services and “red tag” them until they are properly repaired and re-inspected.

Common Signs You Have a Gas Leak

Over time, or through a break, gas lines can deteriorate and begin leaking dangerous gas fumes. While natural gas is odorless, utility companies have added a chemical to ensure they are easily identifiable by smell. There are other signs that can indicate a slow gas leak if the smell is undetectable.

  • Sulfur Smell – The rotten egg, or sulfuric, smell is the most immediate sign of a gas leak. At the first sign of foul odors inside of, or outside of, the home, contact the proper authorities or our team at Easy Rooter Plumbing & Drain Cleaning.

Dying Plants and Dead Spots in Yards Gas leaks can affect plants inside of the home and outdoor landscaping. Natural gas prevents proper oxygenation eventually killing off vegetation. If you notice large dying spots in the yard or house plants are dying, check for other signs of leaks and call our professional team for an accurate diagnosis.

Gas Repair and Installation


  • Hissing Sound – Gas will sometimes make a hissing sound as it escapes the pipe through cracks. If you hear any strange sounds inside of, or outside of, the home, take safety precautions and call the team at Easy Rooter Plumbing & Drain Cleaning.

  • Bubbling in Pools of Water – Another sign of an underground gas leak can appear in pools of water in the yard. If you notice bubbling on the surface, it could be a potential gas leak.

Gas Leak Detection

If the utility company has come out and determined there is a gas leak, they will usually turn off all gas to the home and “red tag” the property. Our plumbers are able to accurately locate the precise location of the gas leak to provide a safe and permanent repair.

Homeowners should always hire only licensed and insured, certified gas line specialists to detect and make gas leak repairs. Uniform plumbing code requires specific measures be taken for all gas lines.

Easy Rooter Plumbing & Drain Cleaning uses advanced CO2 pressure testing and accepted leak detection methods in accordance to safety and plumbing regulation. Pressure testing can ensure that all materials, seals, and installation will remain leak free.

After all gas leak repairs and installations, the line must be inspected by the city and signed off in order to restore services. We will work with the final inspector and ensure that your home is protected at all times.

New Gas Line Installation Services

If you are looking to reroute or install a new gas line to an outdoor barbecue or fire pit, or want to move a gas appliance and need to run extended gas lines, our team can help. We have experts certified in new gas line installations. We will walk through your needs and provide comprehensive estimates to suit your budget.

We are committed to completing all plumbing projects to the highest standards and ensure you are completely happy with our work. We have more than 15 years of experience in gas line repair and replacement in Riverside and the Inland Empire.

For immediate service, to learn more or schedule an estimate, contact our team today.



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