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When homeowners and businesses need to find a Palm Springs plumber, there are a number of challenges they face, and people just like you are looking for the best plumber at the right price, who can do a high-quality job while offering the best customer service. Unfortunately, being able to determine these positive traits can be challenging, so we are going to save you the trouble of having to invest your time to do all the research when time is something you just don’t have enough of.

Easy Rooter is known by locals for being the best plumber Palm Springs has to offer because we are a full-service plumbing company, family-owned and has been proudly serving the city of Palm Springs for several decades. If you own a business or home in Palm Springs, then you know the importance of water  in our desert communities.Not only do you need a healthy plumbing system to protect the wellness of your family, and the value of your home, but water keeps our desert environment thriving, so every last drop matters. Wasting water from a plumbing leak will not only rack up costly repairs, but the community will also suffer if plumbing problems stay consistent in Palm Springs. 

As a homeowner, looking for the best plumber Palm Springs CA offers include the following:

  • Time – You need a plumber that will respond quickly so that additional damage can be prevented, and so that you don’t have to remain inconvenienced with a plumbing issue.
  • Cost – Palm Springs residents are willing to pay for the best plumbing services, but competitive pricing is important. Nobody wants to overpay, so finding the best plumber in Palm Springs that charges fair rates for high-quality work is critical.
  • Services – In several cases, a seemingly singular plumbing problem can often encompass multiple issues. Homeowners want a plumber capable of performing all of the primary services associated with plumbing, and be a true expert in every area. Easy Rooter specializes in a wide range of specialties ranging from entire plumbing systems to drains, and from septic tanks to slab leaks. We cover all the plumbing bases with our expertise. 
  • Customer Service – Having a licensed, skilled plumber is important, but so is good customer service. When you experience a plumbing problem, it can be very stressful. Water damage is a concern, protecting your home’s resale value, ensuring the home is healthy for family, and that you have a clean, functional plumbing system restored asap: all of these concerns place weight on the homeowner’s shoulders. This means that having a genuinely caring, friendly, and thoughtful plumbing team is important to not only get the job done right the first time, but to help ease the homeowner’s concerns and help them find peace.
  • Quality – Though there are several choices when looking for Palms Springs plumbers, not all of them are licensed, and of the ones that are, not all are insured. The best plumber Palm Springs CA offers will, first and foremost, be licensed and insured to perform all major plumbing services. 

If you are looking for the best plumber Palm Springs CA has to offer, the above criteria are points you should investigate when combing through your short list. However, you have already landed on Easy Rooter, and our customers consider us to be the best plumber Palm Springs CA offers because we meet this criteria, and we also exceed it by offering the best customer service experience people have ever had, and it is with great passion that we protect the homes and businesses of Palm Springs with our high-quality plumbing services that are performed daily throughout the desert communities of the Inland Empire and Palm Springs area.

Why Do So Many Homeowners Need to Call for the Best Plumber Palm Springs CA Offers, Year Around?

According to data collected by Liberty Mutual, Palm Springs has one of the highest claims, per capita, related to plumbing disasters. There are some very good reasons as to why a reputable plumber  in Palm Springs is always in such high demand. 

First of all, Palm Springs creates a unique atmosphere where plumbing disasters are more prone to occur. People in Palm Springs take longer showers, and researchers have determined that because the air cools rapidly from a hot temperature to a colder one, that long, hot showers are more desirable. And longer, hotter showers put more stress on water heaters because more energy is required to maintain a steady desired temperature. 

Our experts at Easy Rooter advise Palm Springs residents to have their water heater inspected before the cooler season rolls in. During an inspection, we will check the following:

  • Temperature sensor
  • Pilot light on gas models
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Connections
  • Wiring
  • Build-up sediment

We will make the necessary adjustments and, if needed, clean your water tank so you get optimal performance and have peace of mind knowing that no malfunctions will occur during times of extreme climate change. 

How often Should Homeowners Call for the Best Plumber Palm Springs CA has to Offer?


Whether you own a charming mid-century modern ranch-style home off South Palms Canyon Drive, a sprawling multi-level home in Canyon Estates, or a property in the Tahquitz River Estates, you should have a regularly scheduled plumbing inspection performed every month. Routine maintenance is common and not costly, but in climates that are normally hot but that also see rapid shifts in temperature, pipes face a higher chance of cracking, bulging, or experiencing some other failure. In order to protect your home’s resale value, avoid expensive bills, and to ensure the home is safe for family and visitors, maintaining your plumbing with a monthly inspection is highly recommended. 

Easy Rooter is the Plumber Committed to Palm Springs

With decades of experience in providing the best plumbing services in Palm Springs, locals regard us as the true plumbing experts in our fine city. We are very passionate when it comes to upholding our reputation of being the best plumber Palm Springs CA offers. 

Palm Springs is the most popular desert resort city in California, resting in Riverside County within the Colorado Desert’s Coachella Valley. A large number of people flock to Palm Springs for a variety of reasons. Palm Springs is known for being an exceptional retirement community, a friendly city for people who reflect a wide range of lifestyles, a vacation hot spot for fun in the sun by the pool, a hot spot for people who love mid-century modern architecture, a fantastic artist community, and a palace with fun night life and great dining and shopping options to choose from. 

That said, people come to Palm Springs from all over the country as they buy their retirement homes, vacation properties, and homes to use for rental income. According to census data, the population of Palm Springs tripled in the last decade, and because so many snowbirds come to Palm Springs, the population triples between the months of November and March, and this means high-quality plumbing services have gone way up in demand. 

Whether you take the family out to experience the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway and come home to discover a toilet backflow, or you return home from hiking Indian Canyons to discover water pooling at the foundation and a bad odor, call Easy Rooter without delay and our team will speed right over to help make the needed repairs to your home plumbing and drainage systems. 

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Don’t delay in letting our Palm Springs plumbing team inspect your problem; time is critical, and if you wait too long to get help you may encounter expensive restoration bills and other devastating occurrences that could otherwise be avoided if a plumber is able to act quickly. We look forward to working for you, and treating you just like an extended arm of our own family through every step of the process! Call now, and leave the stress of dealing with your plumbing problem up to our experts! 

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