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Leach Field Repair 

Leach Field Repair In The Desert Cities of California

If you have a septic tank system, then at some point you may require leach field repair and servicing, as this would be an integral part of your septic system. Also known as a septic tank drain field and sometimes called a leach field, your leach field is an arrangement of underground perforated pipes that are adjacent to the septic tank. This critical system is designed to eliminate leach water into the earth once it evacuates the septic tank. Eventually, leach fields will get clogged. In some cases, solid waste material can cause blockages. Without leach field repair and maintenance, the surrounding soil can have difficulties with absorption. Leach field repair, also referred to as leach field rejuvenation, can involve cleaning out the leach field, making repairs to the pipes, and septic tank pumping as part of the overall care. When it comes to finding the best plumber providing leach field repair in Banning and the Inland Empire (including desert communities), you will need licensed experts with the right equipment and experience. Located in Banning and serving Riverside County, Easy Rooter is a family-owned and operated full service plumbing operation specializing in leach field repair and septic tank maintenance. When you partner with Easy Rooter for leach field repair and general septic tank maintenance and services, you put your family in the best hands knowing that your property will be safe and your septic tank will be clean and fully functional.

Septic Leach Field Installation by Easy Rooter

Whether you need to replace the existing leach field, or you are adding a new septic system and require a brand new leach field installation job, Easy Rooter is your experienced plumbing service provider. One of our recent leach field installation jobs is a reflection of the hundreds of leach field installations projects we have completed across the Inland Empire. Here is a description of this leach field installation project:

We completed Installation of a new 100 foot leach field drainage system. This new leach field consisted of 60,000 pounds of 3” leach rock, in combination with sleeved 3 inch schedule 35 perforated piping. This new piping was installed with a debris block sleeve to ensure it will drain effluent waste water for many years to come without clogging or any other issues. We also installed a combination sweep clean out access for each leach field that will allow testing and maintenance for future needs.

easy rooter leach field repairThis particular client was renting a home to tenants in Banning, CA, and reported that they had been without the use of their restroom for a few days. Once our Easy Rooter team arrived, we diagnosed the problem and gave our client a few permanent solutions to fix the leach field. After collaboration with our specialists, this client requested to replace the entire leach field due to its age and present state of deterioration. Easy Rooter Plumbing exposed the entire surface area of the septic tank in order to make its needed modifications and install a new California code-compliant riser access lids. Then, we utilized a large-sized excavator to add a new line in designated areas for the preparation and installation of a brand-new leach field system.  The exit line of the septic tank was modified so it could feed into the new drainage system. A superior solution designed to perform optimally regardless of the surrounding soil conditions. The client and his tenants were very pleased with the service, as our Easy Rooter leach field repair experts also made sure the plumbing in the house was functioning correctly by testing the drains, the toilet, and the shower.

How Does a Leach Field Work?

In order to understand how a leach field works, you must first be aware of the various parts that make up the system, and how they work together. These parts include the septic tank, drain field, and pipes, and here is a review outlining how the entire septic system with your leach field works:

  • All of the wastewater from the home flows out to the septic tank.
  • The bacteria in the septic tank breaks down the wastewater.
  • Any solid waste sinks to the bottom of the septic tank where it becomes sludge
  • Any liquid waste, such as scum and grease, floats to the top where it will be broken down.
  • Baffle wall transfer
  • Liquid waste goes into the leach field via pipes that are located underground while all solid waste stays at the bottom of the septic tank where the bacteria continues to break it apart.
  • While the liquid passes through the leach field pipes, it seeps into the ground and is naturally filtered by the soil.

As you can see, there are several working parts that enable a leach field and the rest of the septic system to achieve its job, and when not properly maintained little deficiencies can escalate and require leach field repair services.

Where is the Leach Field Located?

location of leach fieldA leach field is generally located in a flat, large open area of one’s yard. Leach fields can have a variety of trenches that tend to be between 18 and 72 inches deep, and they are usually one foot to three feet wide while being up to 100 feet in length. In addition, most leach fields have trenches with a gap of six feet in between each one. If your leach field is regularly inspected by Easy Rooter, you can expect it to last for up to 25 years before major repairs or leach field replacement is required.

How Often Should I Have My Leach Field Inspected?

If your leach field is less than 10 years old, then it is recommended that you have it inspected once every three years. If it is older than a decade, then having it inspected no less than once every two years is ideal. When Easy Rooter inspects your leach field, we will also analyze the state and condition of the septic tank system to ensure everything is in good working order.

How Can I Tell if My Leach Field Needs Repair?

When leach fields are properly maintained they remain silent and invisible, but when they start to fail, there are some clear cut signs that include the following:

  • Slow drains
  • Sink, toilet and bathtub backups
  • Gurgling sound from pipes when they are in use
  • Toilet flushing problems, such as slow flushing, or failure to flush.
  • Odors emanating from the septic tank, leach field, or drains.
  • Wet, ultra-green mushy grass over the leach field
  • Standing water over the leach field

If any of these signs are apparent, you should call Easy Rooter without delay so that we can inspect your leach field, septic system, and any other related plumbing concerns that may be present.

What Can I Do to Protect the Integrity of My Leach Field?

leach field repairIt goes without saying that the best way to ensure you have a healthy, perfectly functioning leach field is to have it regularly inspected. However, in between service appointments, you can play your part to protect your leach field by doing the following:

  • Don’t park vehicles or place heavy objects on top of the leach field.
  • Avoid pouring harsh things down your drain, including grease, cleaning chemicals, or paint.
  • The only things you should flush down the toilet is human waste and bathroom tissue.
  • Consider limiting your laundry to one load per day to spread out the usage of water.
  • Ensure your landscaping continues to divert water runoff from rainfall or snow away from the leach field.
  • Invest in regularly scheduled septic tank and leach field inspections.

The best thing you can do is call Easy Rooter to come inspect your leach field and septic system, and based on age and condition, we can advise how often you should have us out to perform our expert leach field inspections and septic services.

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